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Awesome summer. Great update.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School's Back On!

My friends and I keep talking about how hard it is to update our blogs! Between texting, Facebook, emails, it sadly becomes a sort of a 'to do' that I never get to! So I'm skipping a big chunk of life (again... Connor turned 2. A few vacations...) and updating as of this week. First week back to school. Maggie loves 1st grade (but she says the days are sooooo long) and Keegan likes his pre-K class so far. He doesn't know any of the 8 kids names or his teachers but he will tell me that they have Cheerios for snack each day. Here are the shots, in no apparent order since Blogger changed their formatting and I can't figure it out with our new mac/mouse!
Keegan Eating Mac n Cheese after 1st Day
He says he loved it!

3 kids ready for Keegan to Meet the Teacher

Maggie boarding the bus!

Saying goodbye to dad

And Mom

Our little Peanut all grown up.

Best Buds

My Mom came out to help while Brian and I had a rough work week. She had to endure some sick kiddos and really stuck it out. Maggie and Grammie T especially bonded and got to go do some special things. However, now that she's gone it's Keegan who really can't stop talking about missing his Grammie T. We love you mom!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Growing even more.

I can't tell you how many times I try to update this blog and then don't. It's almost overwhelming to try to catch up. Last blog was 25 Jan and just some pictures. So I'm resorting to just doing it when I can and getting the most recent shots online! Above is a sweet one of the 3 kids. I can't get over that our 'baby' is truly no longer a baby and more a fast paced toddler with the temper of a two year old. Maggie, below, is in a whole new sphere as a kindergartener. She is just such a helper and so positive. Yesterday she sat and 'talked' to Brian and me and just went on and on about her friends, what kids do at school, and memories of California. We both kind of looked at each other shocked, like "When did this kid grow up?" she even mentioned that she can't remember when the last time she got a spanking was. Nice.

And here she is on the slopes. She's taken 3 lessons this year and is officially snow plowing her way down the mountain. She loves ski school but also is excited to go out with us on the slopes!
And then there's Keegan. Not quite officially potty trained, we sent him off to ski school with a pull-up under his undies and our fingers crossed! He LOVED it though! His instructor told us that he'd ask for extra breaks (off the grueling magic carpet) and when he got up the next morning he seriously walked like an 80 year old because his legs were sore! He's kind of our slower paced fuddy-duddy so it's fun to see him out cruising down the hill. He'll call out "Weeee!" while he's on his way down!
Pull cart after the day. Because trying to walk with this three would take hours.
Added this to show the boys first real haircut. No more Mommy-done bowl cuts!
Funniest picture ever of Keegan and my pal's daughter! I have never seen this sort of expression on his face!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Golfing in the Backyard!

This is Nana and Papas back yard. Not bad. Since the course is closed for winter, the kids could just go run around and go nuts. I caught Papa and Nana trying to teach Maggie to golf!

Papa and his littlest monkey:

Cali Visit

We had a chance to fly out and visit the fam in Reno and north Cal
Here are the kids eating at Nana and Papa's new counter!

Messy faced Connor at the Village at Northstar
Bri with 2 big monkeys
With Cousins and Aunts and Uncles!
Maggie and Nana making spice cookies! Which Maggie didn't even like!!!

Outdated Xmas pics

Mommy is falling farther and farther behind on the blog! Here are the kids in their turkey shirts at the squadron Xmas party. They loved meeting Santa

AND we finally got a tree up! Right next to the Kegerator! The Xmas skirt was from our house growing up...

Saturday, December 31, 2011


Mike, Papa and Daddy with 3 kids hiking in Colorado.

I found 2 kids hiding behind the chair!